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Social Emotional Regulation with Lea Nance

Social Emotional Regulation - a process internal to one's self that involves "controlling one's behavior, emotions, and thoughts in the pursuit of long-term goals” Today I discuss with my friend, and career teacher just what Social Emotional Regulation is and how it is relevant to the home as well as the classroom.

Helping people become fully aware, and in control of their emotions increases people’s abilities to feel empathy for others and over-all be more kind to themselves and the world around them.

I met Lea several years ago when we both taught in a public school that faced many physical, social, and emotional challenges. Low income school districts often times face many different obstacles that maybe should just come natural but don’t. When your life is hard work, and more hard work to get to the next day, well .... sometimes instilling things naturally into one another just doesn’t get the time of day it deserves.

This phenomenon is prevalent in low income areas but is also showing up in all socio-economic, public, private, and virtual schools as well as in the adult workplace in larger percentages than ever before.

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My Friend Lea

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