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The “F” Word

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Have you noticed that the ”F” word, ... yes the one that Rhymes with duck... is everywhere now? Boardrooms, backyard BBQs, the dinner table, commercials, all movies and some prime time tv?

What used to be taboo is now Normal. Join me and my friend Wilma Johnson as we discuss it all. Everything from propriety to Christianity and how the “F” word falls into place.

I’m one of those who really just can’t. I can repeat someone else’s phrase if telling about it in a conversation. I can use it for work. Yes, there’s really a scenario where I have to use it for work. But if it tries to organically rise in my throat I turn 50 shades of red and cannot function for a second.

My friend does not feel these constraints! *Warning .... you will hear this word in use multiple times through the 37 minutes ... not from me LOL

But you will laugh and hopefully you’ll evaluate where it’s use lands in your life!

Most of my friends and family are super comfortable with it. I love them so I have become super comfortable hearing it.

Give it a listen and leave a comment! Let us know what you think!

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