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Being Married: One Lucille Ball Moment at a Time -- Coming within Six Weeks!

Final Revisions are being made Book Covers are being finalized

Audio recordings start this week

Pre-Sale Starts Next Week

So Much is happening at Teenage Daughter Survivor LLC, this week. The final rushes are happening before publication begins!

This book is full of experiences, real-life stories from my marriage and friends who have also given me the green light to use their stories.

When I began researching quotes, studies, and facts on marriage, I had a tough time coming up with positive things being said on the subject. Many studies listed the obstacles and the normal things we fight about, but not many things were uplifting. Not even close to half the stories showed positive things about being married.

In Being Married: One Lucille Ball Moment at a Time, we take a look at several topics.

From the Introduction, to Chapter 1 - I Have A Dream

Chapter 2 - Becoming One

Chapter 3 - Learning To Live With In-Laws

Chapter 4 - When the Ankle Biters Arrive

Chapter 5 - He Won't Grow up - She Won't Stop Nagging

Chapter 6 - For Better or Worse

Chapter 7 - For Richer or For Poorer

Chapter 8 - In Sickness and In Health

Chapter 9 - In Good Times and in Bad

Chapter 10 - To Love Honor and Cherish

Chapter 11 - Keep Thee Only Unto Her As Long As You Both Shall Live

Chapter 12 - Amen

Between these pages, I believe you'll find the reality of the struggles. The happiness of the engagement through the first few years of newlywed bliss, the journey of becoming one, overcoming battles and temptations, becoming friends, loving each other through it all... these are all journeys that will cross your wedded paths somewhere along the way. More events pop up, and more successes and failures will arise. They will either grow you closer to the Lord and to each other or they won't. No one can judge you or the choices you make. We all walk our own paths.

But in the end, I feel like: "Marriage is an adventure. Laughter is the aphrodisiac, friendship is the bond, betrayal the enemy, and God is the Savior." (Introduction from Being Married: One Lucille Ball Moment at a Time). We can't wait to meet you on the shelves in just a few short weeks!

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