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World Mental Health Day

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

As today is World Mental Health Day, how appropriate to upload these episodes today? Well maybe I planned it that way.

Mental Health: once a taboo topic, then almost a bandwagon event, and now settling into what I believe to be the healthiest time where people are really dealing with things from their life, gaining coping skills for the new things life throws their way, and working out the wrinkles in their hearts in healthy ways.

My friend, Donna Frick RN visits with me in two episodes regarding our experiences with mental illness.

In episode 1 we visit about typical beliefs, and assumptions people have had regarding mental health. I share about the season in my life where I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression, and she shares a little bit about how her family has been affected by schizophrenia and all of the heartbreak it brings with it.

Click the link below for episode 1.

In episode 2 she goes into greater detail over the events and challenges she has faced even with the current laws that have prevented timely and appropriate care for her son.

Click the link below to listen to Part 2

Donna is a tireless advocate for Mental Health and constantly sacrifices her time and energy to the homeless shelters, but also to battling the legal system in Oklahoma to change the laws in a way that better represents the needs of those in crisis.

Keep an eye on her — there’s so much more to come!

Both of these episodes are a little longer but definitely worth your time if you have about a 45 minute gardening session, road trip planned in the next few days!

Thanks for stopping by y’all!

See you soon!!

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