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The. Worst. Crazy Mama Westover Event

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Oh no she didn’t!!

This child of mine called me a Honey Badger?!?!

This is the one y’all... I almost didn’t post this one because for real, I couldn’t pull this one back in.

One night in high school, this daughter had a guy text her, when she replied a little flirtatiously, ‘ol boy then went 90 to nothin’ within 5 total texts he’s now texting “I’m Horny - meet me in the parking lot.“ and “I need sex now”

When she let me read the texts I was shocked and livid. I knew I had promised her not to say anything, but when Romeo came strutting past us, somewhere deep within my soul it started with a growl. With the first “HEY!!!” That was it. I got his (and everyone else within a 4 mile radius) attention and he got a painful lesson in how much some Mama’s care!! 😬

I hope you enjoy! But please don’t talk to me about it in person. I will turn deep red and my stomach will go weak and it’s just not pretty! .....

click the link below to access this beauty of an episode!

Blessings y’all

We need ‘em every day!


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