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The Only litter box you ever need to buy!

It's possible that one of the reasons I've never really been a cat person is because of the hassle surrounding the litter box.

My kids would always squeal "Awwww look at the kitten!" but the first time that little cutie lays a good "clump" in the litter box, not one of my children was interested in digging it out, nor could they even be found anywhere. There were tears, there were fights, groundings, and all-around unpleasant experiences. I didn't want to do it and I hadn't promised anyone I would do it if we could just bring home that little ball of fluff. It happens every time. I end up being the one to have to do the litter box. This summer I decided I was going to get on Amazon and order the biggest most expensive litter box on the market. If it came with a cute little robot to carry the waste outside I would consider that too!

I found the Omega Paws Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box. When I watched the video in the description, part of me refused to believe it could be this simple. Even though there wasn't a little robot that would carry the garbage outside, I decided to give it a go.

This product is just under $50 for the regular size. Just as it claims, you simply roll this thing over onto its top, and when you roll it back over to its original sitting position, all of the clumps and waste is trapped in the little pull-out compartment to be easily exposed of!

The assembly is super quick and easy. There are no more battles and procrastination associated with taking care of the cats that inhabit this house and everyone including Mama is much happier! I give this 4 paws up and I highly suggest you get one of these ASAP! To be honest, this would even make a great Christmas or birthday present for the right cat lover! Just in case you're wondering, yes, I'm much more of a cat person now without this daily battle!

Have a great day y'all!


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