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Such is my life

We are told communication is vital to successful interaction with others. Today something happened that made me think, no one is listening to this philosophy.

We live way out in the country. Each time someone tries to come to my house, even with detailed communication they either take a wrong turn, or they call me and say "Heather, the road ended. I'm in a cow pasture."

My reply is always the same. "Good, you're about 200 yards away. Keep coming!" Google doesn't know how to find us and my husband would have a complete fit if I contacted them to reset the pin to the proper location. He likes feeling like he has total privacy.

Over time, I've trained the Amazon Prime drivers how to find me. FedEx, UPS, and other lessor known carriers have finally caught up but it took them more time.

Another challenge with living so far in the country is that when things get delivered, they're usually there several hours before someone comes home. So I devised a plan. I took an extra dog crate, covered it in a waterproof tarp, and placed a piece of hard plastic on the top for extra protection.

At the end, remembering that communication is the key to successful interactions, I took a big sharpie marker and wrote "Deliveries" on the top. I mean, it felt like I had done my part. Provide a delivery location outside my gate where my annoying dogs who want to lick you to death, and my rogue miniature donkey who wants to bite every single living thing in the rear end cannot get to you. Top it off with the cherry of communication! BAM! Bow to me, I am the master!

This is what I found when I came home today. So close and yet so very, very far.

Such is my life. Maybe when Christmas is on its way, I'll create a lighted arrow that points inside the dog crate? Why are normal things so hard sometimes!?


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