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Raising Rebellious Children

For the Mama who feels like nothing she’s doing is making a difference, that this child is making one bad decision after another and you are powerless to stop them. You are ok, everything will be Okay!

You can feel hopeless, that you’re not enough for this job, surely God gave this child to the wrong person because you’re failing!

Trust me. You are the right person. You just have to stay the course!

In this episode, I visit with my daughter Carly. In all my 51 years I’ve never witnessed any child with stronger rebellion than her. I took it all in. I felt like a failure. But I didn’t know how to stop and give up on her. I kept going.

Today she is a beautiful daughter, believer, wife and Mama. There is Hope!

This is but a fraction of the stories you’ll hear from us about her life, for now.... enjoy episode 1.

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