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Open Adoption

Sara Mumy shares the story of her family. Together with her husband Jordan, Sarah embarked on a journey to grow their family through adoption. The first adoption was through a private agency and the second is happening through Department of Human Services (DHS).

Their story is a little unique in the fact that both adoptions are open. The birth moms and families meet up with Sarah, Jordan, and their family for holidays and birthdays on a regular basis.

When I met them, her son was preschool age. I was lucky enough to be his teacher. This little frozen waffle carrier wormed his way deep into my heart on pretty much day one. He used to tell me “I’m sorry for being weird in the morning. I’m working on it, but I just can’t help it sometimes.” Then he would hold that frozen waffle until he took the last bite right about 5 minutes before I lined them up to grab their lunch boxes. The stories he could tell were phenomenal and I knew this strength had a lot to do with the home life he had! He had a little sister that was the most beautifully dark completed, dark eyed beauty you’ve ever seen. She had a feeding tube. Mom would just strap that baby to her body, affectionately call her a barnacle and carry on with normal life as though this high risk baby just wasn’t anything but normal! I just had to get to know this family.

Listen to hear how her son explains to friends that he’s adopted and why that had to be. Click the link below to listen to part 1 and part two of this series!

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