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How Our Family Grew

In this piece, you will once again hear from my husband Corey Westover. We sat together and talked about each of the children that we raised, how they entered our family, the dynamics they brought, the challenges and the victories with each child.

We were so blessed as we grew our family. We didn’t know it at the time because like he says in this piece we spent a lot of time confused and not quite sure what was going on.

We also spent a lot of time very intentional about interacting with each kid. This intentionality led to many wonderful memories, interactions, and just all over relationship. Some of them were more challenging than others you will hear.

There will be more to follow from those kids when they join me on a podcast soon. For now I hope you enjoy the commentary back-and-forth between Corey and I about the crazy life we lead all the while trying to keep our heads above water and our marriage together.

Click the link below to enjoy

Blessings y’all, we need ‘em every day.

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