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2022 Vision Board

This is my vision board that started 2022. Some things I wanted to focus on. Looking at it, I'm not sure whether I want to smile, or cry. I used three words. Restore, Rest and Revive. Half of my brain scoffs at those words. The other half takes a breath of renewed energy and purpose at the sight of them. Rest - I got zero of that. Is true Rest even something that exists in our world anymore? I had moments of rest, but not seasons of rest as I foolishly intended to make myself take when the moments of 2022 were brand new. And yet, I am okay.

Restore - The white picture in the middle is a needlepoint (crochet?) piece that my Grandmother made. She loved it and was so proud of all the hard work it took to make it. It was large enough to be a bed covering, and/or tablecloth. In 2021, it became her casket blanket at 102 years old. I've had a real hard time with loss. My family is getting older, and we've had a Lot of loss in the last several years. I'm not a fan. I wanted to restore my drive, my purpose, in just what God has set for me to do and not so much tied to the people I have. I learned with every loss that I had placed too much importance, built too much of my foundation on people instead of the God that gave me those people.

The people you see in my vision board - I wanted to restore and move forward as a blessing, and a positive piece in their lives. The ones who accept my flaws and mistakes, and desire me to be a part of their lives. I wanted to intentionally restore my purpose for them. It's a two-way street. If they're willing to invite me in, I wanted to come in as strong and as positive influence for them as I could possibly be. To bring them joy unspeakable as often as I can.

Revive - I wanted to pursue everything the word revive implies. To strengthen relationships, to walk out my calling as an author, speaker, and face of hope. There are so many chapters to that process that it can be an overwhelming, paralyzing-at-times, challenge.

Here's what I did manage to handle this year. Where are you? Did you set goals last year? What pieces were thrown at you that you never expected? What do you feel drawn to for 2023? Whatever they are, we're here together. We will heal our failures together, celebrate the victories together, and deal with all the in-between ... together. Join me...

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